Weekly Meetings - Tuesdays @ 8 in the Chapel of the Resurrection (655 W Jefferson St)

The easiest way to check out RUF, meet people, and see what we are about is to visit one of the main meetings on Thursdays.  Everyone is welcome regardless of your beliefs or doubts.  We'd love for you to stay and hang around with us for awhile, but if you want to get in and get out, we'll just be glad you stopped by.  You'll find us to be people focused on Jesus and struggling to live out the message of the gospel in love.

At these meetings what we do is we relate to God.  The great thing about the gospel is that messed up people like us can relate to a transcendent perfect God and experience his love through Jesus.  So our time is mainly spent in two things, we sing to God and we hear from God in Bible-based messages. Of course, you'll also hear about what happening in RUF, events, conferences, and other occasions to hang out, and spend time talking with each other.

We meet on Tuesdays at 8PM on Florida State's campus.  We realize some only get out of class at 6:30pm, come on over when you can get there!

First meeting of Fall 2017 is August 31st!




Over the Spring of 2017 we will take up Ancient Gods and Modern Idols. 

The Bible talks a lot about Idolatry, which can seem very foreign to our more secular modern age. When we take a deeper look though, maybe we are not as different as we think. We will use the Greco-Roman pantheon as a foil for exposing our modern idolatries. While we would never pray to Athena, or make sacrifices to Aphrodite, we often cling to wisdom or trust in beauty as the way to the good life. The Bible says those things can never really satisfy. The one true God alone is deserving of worship, and finding ourselves in him restores our full identity and hope.


Come to RUF, ask questions, express doubts, find community, and experience Jesus!

Jan 12 Q&A Session not recorded
Jan 19 Inclined to (False) Worship Jeremiah 2:11-13
Jan 26 Zeus and the Illusion of Control Philippians 2:3-11
Feb 2 Hera and Insecurity of Relationship Idols 1 Cor 7:23-24
Feb 9 Athena and the Insufficiency of Rationality 1 Cor 8:1-7
Feb 16 Aphrodite and the Impotence of Beauty Matt 6:19-34
Feb 23 Ares and Ineffective Aggression Rev 6:9-11
Mar 2 Dionysus and Idiotic Partying Eph 5:15-21
Mar 9    
  Spring Break  
Mar 23    
Mar 30    
Apr 6    
Apr 13    
Apr 20    


For the Fall semester of 2016 we spent time in the Gospels, looking at Jesus and some of the conversations he has.
Jesus speaks with all types of different people: doubters, outsiders, worriers, hypocrites, criminals, the elite, and struggling believers. In these conversations, we hear Jesus point all people to himself - how he has come to meet their needs and to build his kingdom. What would we say to Jesus? What would he say to us?


Come to RUF, ask questions, express doubts, find community, and experience Jesus.


Below will be a basic schedule for the semester.  As messages are recorded, links will appear for you listen. Also on iTunes here.

For past messages, click here.