Just the facts, ma'am.  Just the facts.

Is RUF just for Christians?

Not at all, RUF is for college students anywhere along their spiritual journey.  We often say, "We're glad you're here whether you are a Christian, non-Christian, not sure if you are a Christian, or not sure if you would even want to be a Christian."  We want RUF to be a safe place to figure out what you think about the Bible and how the Gospel of Jesus relates to you.

How can I get involved?

Very simply, just show up at anything we do (calendar).  There's not some set of requirements to be involved in RUF, and the more you hang out with people the more you will feel at home.  You may want to jump right into a small group Bible study, come to our main weekly meetings on Thursdays, or just visit some of our events (free ice cream, pizza night, dance party, etc.).  

What if I go to TCC or FAMU?

We love FAMU, we love TCC, and there have always been students from both campus involved with RUF.  Though we are officially based at FSU,  we want you to be part of things.  And let us know if you are interested in starting a small group on your campus!

What is "Reformed"?

By the word "Reformed" we echo our agreement with the emphases of the historic Protestant Reformation such as "Scripture alone," "Christ alone," "grace alone," etc.  We're acknowledging We don't have it all together, and we constantly need to be re-formed by God's Word and the Gospel.

Where do you meet?

Most of our events are on or around FSU's campus.  Our main weekly meeting occurs Thursdays 7pm at the Stadium, University C (map), which is on the south side.  Take the elevator up to the 5th floor and you'll find us along the main hallway.  You can walk or ride the bus from campus and parking is usually easy there.

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