Are You Eff?

What's in a name?  Though we usually just go by the initials, R.U.F., there is more to our name, Reformed University Fellowship, and here are some of the reasons why.

Why Reformed?

Being “reformed” simply means that we hold to an historic and Protestant understanding of Christianity.  Though many today would claim that truth is relative or unknowable, we believe that Christianity stands upon very clear and specific truth claims.  Jesus Himself said that we must believe who He claimed to be and hold to His teachings.  Our ministry works to give students opportunities to wrestle with the truth of God’s Word in the Bible and see that the Gospel speaks to every area of life. Christianity is not intended simply to make us “better” people; the Gospel makes us new people.  We hope that many will come to know the One who is truth -- Jesus Christ -- and find new life in Him.

Why University?

Jesus said, “I am making all things new!”  RUF was born out of a desire to see the church minister to the world without abandoning the campus or becoming lost in it.  The university is a unique element of our society, and we must not neglect it.  It is the dream of RUF to be a ministry “for our campus” not for ourselves.  We believe that the gospel can change any person and any place in Christ.  Therefore, our leading question is not “What kind of ministry can we be?” but rather “What kind of university can this be?”  We long to see the entirety of FSU (her people and institutions) transformed by the power and beauty of the presence of Christ.

Why Fellowship?

The Christian faith is not something that can be lived out alone, for Christians are called to live within a very special community -- the Church.  We taste the life of heaven together.  We face our struggles together.  This deep fellowship is rooted in the new life given to us by Christ.  RUF is committed to building up and inviting people into this unique and loving community, but we know that the glory of the Church is not her people.  Her glory is her Redeemer, Christ the Lord!  Because Christ loved the Church and gave himself up for her, we are then delighted to gather under her care.  That is where God is at work, gathering His people and strengthening them for work in His kingdom.